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Group By

Colour By

Separate multiple alliances and players with commas; quotes can be used to keep commas and spaces intact, eg -- A, B, "C,D,E", F

Zoom = x,y,zoom factor or village name,zoom factor

Alliance, player, and town to zoom in on are all case sensetive, as it makes things faster

Players and alliances with non-standard characters in their names can use their IDs rather than their names, eg id:123. IDs can be seen in the links from village and statistics pages.

Group by Alliance 2 = treat players with no alliance as all separate

If the server data seems out of date, please first check the server's map.sql file -- if that data is out of date, complain to the travian administrators, not me!

Maps are updated at 1:30AM, the current time is 4:16AM

Server Status: Update complete at 2024-07-21 01:01

Travian Kingdoms servers now supported~ Lots of code got changed, please report new bugs (and old bugs :) )

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